I want to migrate my old version rasa_core rasa_nlu code to rasa new version code

Hi folks, I want to migrate my code from rasa-core==0.9.8 rasa-nlu==0.12.0 to rasa current version (Rasa 1.5.1) anyone have an opinion with this… Thanks in advance

Do you have any trouble updating? What are you struggling with?

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my senior wrote code in rasa older version in last year, currently I am analysing his code. and i want to implement some features. that’s why i asked is there any solutions to migrate older version code to latest version.

or using intent and stories can we generate a new one?

If he did not write any custom code, you should be able to just reuse the intent and stories and train a new model with the latest version, see Rasa Tutorial.

Otherwise, take a look at our Migration Guide.

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i would like to know how to write custom code in rasa. @Tanja. also i would like to know how it works.

if you can share any tutorials or video links it would be helpful for me. Thanks

You can find a couple of tutorials here: Tutorials | Rasa Blog. We also have a Rasa Masterclass ((Ep #1 - Rasa Masterclass) Intro to conversational AI and Rasa | Rasa 1.8.0 - YouTube) that covers multiple topics on how to build an assistant. Other than that you can take a look at our documentation (Introduction to Rasa Open Source). Hope that gets you started :slight_smile:

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