Updation Issue

I am getting error like No module named ‘rasa-nlu.converters’ after updating my rasa weatherbot project with new one i.e by using requirements.txt file from lates project on github.

Hey there @prashant_kamble, if you’re using the bleeding edge version (master on github), stuff is prone to big changes you’ll have to fix yourself on your own code to keep up (this is why stable versions are recommended) – we just made big changes where both core and nlu are in the rasa_nlu repo, so the location of pretty much all the files have moved.

Do you have a particular reason for working on the master version instead of a stable pypi version?

Recently there are so many updates in RASA core, So that’s why I was trying to move to more latest version.

Got it – what are you specifically wanting to work with on master that you can’t get in the latest core 0.13.7 and nlu 0.14.6?