Unwanted Response

When bot is connected to Web Chat , The first message is coming automatically with out giving any input message.

Hello @Chaitanya. Is the the message you get is one of the utterances you have defined in your domain?

Hi @Juste . Yes, it is one of the utterance . When i remove policies.yml Bot is working fine. But with polices.yml , it’s response is abnormal.

Hi @Juste , Is there any solution for it.

It sounds like Web Chat sends an automatic “hello” call to your bot. You can try finding out what it says exactly and add that to your NLU and Stories. Let’s say Web Chat makes a call that says ‘hello’. Add ‘hello’ to your NLU file (under the intent greeting or something) and make a story that handles this call:


If you don’t want your bot to say hello to the user automatically, you can try disabling the ‘hello’ call.

Hi @Remy , That is not a greet message. It is one of the utterance messages . which is changing every time.
How can we disable the ‘hello’ call.

This is because you haven’t included a story that handles the unrecognized “hello” message the system (still probably!) sends it. You’ll have to include this story in your model to make it say the same thing over and over.

Now this is something I can’t tell you. This is different for every web chat application, and I’m not much of a programmer. You should be able to figure it out in the Web chat settings or by messing around in developer mode in your browser though.

@Chaitanya Wechat by default sends a message once the user opens the chat, however, this message shouldn’t come from the Rasa Core. I think by default, webcaht should show ‘Welcome to this awesome chat’ unless you change it in a webchat configuration.

Hi @Juste, Would you please explain where can I find webchat configuration . As far as I remember I just downloaded Rasa stack from Github and used the socket.io channel script provided in the Rasa website .

Hi @Juste , Please respond.

Hello @Chaitanya here you can find the WebChat config. However, I have just tried the integration myself and my bot didn’t send any messages until I sent out the first message. Can you please show me the log of your server once you connect your bot to the UI?

Thanks @Juste, My issue resolved.

Hey @Chaitanya. Could you share what was the solution? It may help other community members who face the same problem :slight_smile:

Hi @Juste, It is taking initPayload: “/get_started” as a first input , So i have removed that one

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