Rasa.shared.utils.common- the unexpectedintent policy

i run de command ras run -m models --enable-api --cors “*” for web-chat

@pony can you share your rasa --version (activating env) and error traceback please, share the screenshot.

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@pony it’s just the warning, nothing to worry about, Rasa always mentioned, if they introduce any new features as an experiment and when that is successful (get the feedbacks) they implemented in the new build.

Confirm with me, are you able to chat with your bot? I’m having doubts.

@pony always mentioned me with @ nik202

The botfront-webchat don’t work

@pony yes, as expected because I can see the issue in your code.

Can you replace this on line 7

(e.src =

do update me and always tag me with @ nik202