UI problems with rasa-x==0.28.4

Hi I have 2 problems in Talk to your bot with firefox and google chrome

  • when the page is filled the container with the dialog is suppose to scroll, however, this do not happen and my input box disappear

  • The second one, this was present in the previous release too, the combobox to pick the right intent opens at the bottom, stretching the main container, I must scroll down to see it

This is a suggestion

I believe it will be helpful to have the percentage for the intent also in the dialog

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In my case the first problem is also showing up when sharing a link with a guest tester.

I am running Rasa X 0.28.4 using Docker-Compose Quick Install. I have a custom action that displays buttons, and after selecting a button there is no scrolling showing the bot’s reply and the input box for continuing the dialog with the bot. I have checked that the bot’s reply is there by opening the Rasa X Conversations pane.

There is no scrolling also in the Talk to your bot pane, unless I do back-and-forth with a different pane each time.

With the 0.28.5 the problem with the input box is resolved. Thank you

Now this also is working fine. Thanks!