Tables in rasa.db and tracker.db? need a reply URGENTLY

Can you please explain each of the tables and their columns: in rasa.db and tracker.db?

The tables in tracker.db : events.

The tables in rasa.db :

alembic_version intent analytics_cache lookup_table chat_tokens message_log conversation model conversation_action_metadata model_tag conversation_action_statistic nlu_evaluation conversation_entity_metadata nlu_evaluation_prediction conversation_entity_statistic nlu_training_data conversation_event nlu_training_data_entity conversation_intent_metadata password conversation_intent_statistic permission conversation_message_correction platform_feature conversation_policy_metadata project conversation_policy_statistic rasa_x_user conversation_session regex_feature conversation_statistic single_use_token domain story domain_action template domain_entity temporary_intent_example domain_intent user_goal domain_slot user_goal_intent entity_synonym user_role environment user_role_mapping

Hi @sheetal,

I think describing each of the tables is a bit too extensive, but do you have any specific questions?