Conversations not stored in the tracker store

Hello everyone,

i’m expierencing a problem for a while that the conversations with the bot are not stored in the rasa.db. Only the events are stored in the tracker.db file.

My endpoints yaml doesn’t look unusal:

    type: SQL
    dialect: "sqlite"  # the dialect used to interact with the db
    #url: "localhost"  # (optional) host of the sql db
    db: "tracker.db"  # path to your db
    username:  # username used for authentication
    password:  # password used for authentication

The interesting thing was that it worked well. All conversations user had with the bot via the UI were stored and could be analysed in rasa x and somehow it stopped working a month ago. As i can recall, i didn’t update anything critical or didn’t changed any settings. Yesterday i was looking for the issue and if others expierence it. I also found forum posts, however, with no activity or solutions for that problem. I spend also yesterday a couple of hours deleting all packages and reinstalling them, tried to setup a virtual env etc. with no success. To sum it up:

  • events are still stored in the tracker.db
  • conversation information, statistics etc. are not updated anymore in the rasa.db

Could anyone help with this?


Can anyone help?