Rasa tracker to store some particular response of user [NOT WHOLE CONVERSATION]

Hello Everyone, I’m using the MSQL tracker to store the conversation into my database. I made a chatbot to book a table in the restaurant by rasa, but when my bot asks some additional questions like “prefer table”, “no of peoples” or “veg or nonveg” then only that information I want to store in my Mysql DB. When I use tracker it tracks all the conversation from the beginning and pushes into the database [I want only some users’ responses NOT ALL CONVERSATIONS ]. How should I do that?

Thank you!

You can create your own table or database and save the slots. I use mysql.connector.

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how did you do that? can you elaborate please?

In order to use the tracker store with mysql, you created users and a database for it. You can create tables of your own in the database. With those you can do “insert” and “select” operations to save and retrieve the slots. There are tons of tutorials on how to work with sql with a python script. mysql.connector is an interface to use mysql inside your python scripts, in this case, your actions.py file.

how can we store the payload buttons value into the db? i was bale to store it , if that was a text?