Conversation Logs with RASA - Suggestions ask

I ask suggestions about the better way to have chat logs (by user id) with RASA Core message exchanges.

See my comment on github:

Option 1 - Internal - log run server with --debug flag

(venv) $ rasa run --debug --log-file ./rasarun.log --enable-api -m models

(venv) $ cat rasarun.log | grep -e message -e BotUttered --

in the log I have all … and I can extract info with a grep, but I have problems to get user ids in each in/out line! :frowning:

Option 2 - Internal - Using Tracker

Any help on that?

Option 3 - External - the RASA Core client log dialogs

That’s simpler, the client is in charge to create log in any custom format, just pretty printing requests/reply

$ curl -s localhost:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook -d '{ "sender": "Giorgio", "message": "hello" }'  | python -m json.tool
        "recipient_id": "Giorgio",
        "text": "hey dude"
        "buttons": [
                "payload": "/mood_great",
                "title": "great"
                "payload": "/mood_unhappy",
                "title": "sad"
        "recipient_id": "Giorgio",
        "text": "How are you?"

producing maybe something like:

2020-05-01 12:49:49 Giorgio > hello
2020-05-01 12:49:50 Giorgio < hey dude
2020-05-01 12:49:50 Giorgio < How are you? /mood_great /mood_unhappy

Any Suggestion?


Hello @solyarisoftware,

I think that you’re looking for is Tracker Stores, and perhaps working with some database options and RASA X.


Thanks Leonardo, yes I look for a kind of FileStore (a just a log file) :slight_smile:


in this case, you need more specifically to implement a custom tracker that’ll generate the files for you.

Keep the environment running with --debug isn’t desirable.

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