Superhero Spotlight: Xiaoquan "Howl" Kong

Hey Rasa @community,

We have a brand new Superhero Spotlight featuring Xiaoquan Kong!

Xiaoquan (@howlanderson) leads a team at ECARX Intelligence Technology, who are developing smart assistants in Shanghai, China. Previously, he was responsible for the design of an intelligent customer service system, the construction of a natural language understanding platform, and the development of algorithms for intelligent dialogue systems.

On top of all of that, he’s not just a Rasa Superhero, he’s also a Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning and a TensorFlow Core & Addons contributor!

:rasasuperhero: Xiaoquan started his contributor journey with us back in November 2017, when his first PR was merged to Rasa Open Source, since then he’s been supporting our community here on the forum, through incredible code contributions, community meetups, running a localised QQ chat which has over 600 members, and he’s even writing a book on Rasa Open Source! Safe to say we couldn’t wait to find out more about what this incredibly accomplished community champion has been up…

Thank you for all of your amazing support @howlanderson ! :rocket:


I have gone through his profile and contribution which is really helpful.

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