Successfully integrated Rasa Knowledge Base bot given in examples with neo4j knowledge graph

Bot Mimics the conversation given in this tutorial Knowledge Base Actions using custom knowledge base

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hey @noman , do you have a repo that you can share? I would really appreciate it.

@vijmeister do you still need it?

@noman If you have integrated both RASA KB and Neo4j with all sets of code, command, and cypher query, please share the repo. It will really help the forum. Many thank in advance.

@nik202 Here it is the link of a complete knowledge base bot, integrated with neo4j


@nik202 i am not directly using cypher instead a wrapper neo2py for querying

@noman Thanks, I will see and if there any query arises. I will get your suggestion. Once again many thanks in advance.

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@noman can you share the .csv file as well?