How to integrate an ontology with Rasa bot

I need to integrate an ontology with my Rasa Q&A chatbot. Is it possible to integrate an ontology with Rasa ? Is there any documentation available ?

Heya @anjula ! can you please share us some use case example for Ontology or Knowledge Graph. Is you only want to integrate Ontology?

Yeah sure @nik202, We are going to develop a Covid-19 information sharing chatbot using Rasa framework. There is a requirement to detect diagnosis level of the user and provide user specific recommendation based on the information given by the user during the conversation To do that, we decided to use an ontology which can be infer the recommendation and need to use SPARQL query to retrieve knowledge from ontology. I want to clarify whether we can do this in using simple python functions or is there any specific way to integrate ontology with Rasa ?

@anjula Well, honestly I not integrated ontology personally but surely I had implemented in one project using Neo4j Knowledge Graph. But, if you have python function and you are able to get the function integrating your use case, you can integrate with custom actions i.e and archived your goal. If you need any resource regarding Knowledge Graph do let me know please.

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Thank you so much @nik202…yes, I’m very grateful if you can share some resources regarding Knowledge Graph integration.

@anjula Sure,

Resource1: Please see this blog post How to Set up a Knowledge Base to encode domain knowledge for Rasa may be you already seen this post.

Note: In this example How to Set up a Knowledge Base to encode domain knowledge for Rasa, the user emphasis Grakn which is quite good for financial data, but if you get the concept you are able to archive your goal.

Resource2: What is Rasa and How to Make a Chat Bot with It | TigerGraph

Resource3: Integrating Rasa with Knowledge Bases | Rasa




Tips: For implementing the KG based chat bot required a great knowledge of Cipher and SQL query, and dealing the database of KG is not easy, as per personal experience. So, choose your approach precisely and wisely; and make your project plan feasibility.

I hope this will help you and solved your issue. If this solve your issue please close this thread with the solution for other. Good Luck!

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Thank you for your support @nik202. I’ll go through these resources. Definitely these tips will be helpful for me to proceed with my project.

@anjula Its ok. Happy to help you.Please when you got time please close this thread as a solution for other. Thanks.

A bit late, but I was also working on connecting ontology with Rasa and found this github repository that does probably what you were looking for.


Thank you for the support… :grinning:

Hi @anjula is it possible to know how you intergrated? Thanks in advance :pray: