Blog post on "Integration Rasa with knowledge bases"

Last week we published a blog post on Integrating Rasa with knowledge bases.

In the blog post you will learn about:

  • How you can use knowledge bases to bring your assistant’s understanding to the next level.
  • The kinds of knowledge bases and what challenges you can solve using them.
  • And, find out how to query knowledge bases from within your custom actions.

If you have any questions about the post or want to leave some feedback, please use this thread. Thank you! We would love to hear your thoughts!


UPDATE : We added Knowledge Base Actions to Rasa. They help you to get started more quickly on integrating Rasa with a knowledge base. Try it out and share your feedback here.

Knowledge base actions are much helpful . Thanks

Does it make sense to use Knowledge Base if I have around 100 FAQ dataset and the main entity is a restaurant?

It depends. It your users are asking about specific details about certain restaurants, Knowledge Bases might be a good way to go. However, if you just have general FAQ questions, that do not require any external knowledge, you might want to look into Retrieval Actions.

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Hi @Tanja, I am newer for rasa. can I implement rasa knowledge base with Mysql?? is there any github example?? Thanks in advance.

Hi @siva_g, you can use any kind of backend for the knowledge base. However, we don’t have any example that uses MySQL. Maybe someone else has? If not you need to write the connector for MySQL yourself. I would recommend to also take a look at Knowledge Base Actions. Knowledge Base Actions are an experimental feature inside Rasa-SDK that helps you to connect your assistant with a knowledge base. In order to use MySQL you would need to change the implementation of the knowledge base, see here. Hope that helps.

Hi, did you figure out about the mysql? I Jave simulace challenge and perhaps we might join forces. Friendly

Hi @ivobrabec, Not yet. I just started but right now working for chatbot convo flows and lookup tables then again I will start work for Knowledgebase with MySQL.

thanks, anyway we are currently developing a custom-base knowledgebase (very flexible especially concerning translations) so if you would be interested do not hesitate to contact me ->

Hi @Tanja, I’m looking to integrate Rasa with an ontology. But I could not find any guidance. Is it possible to integrate an ontology with Rasa ?