Rasa Chatbot with Knowledge-base

Hey! We’re doing a project on knowledge engineering and using RASA to develop a chatbot agent. We have an ontology on protege but we don’t understand how to integrate it with RASA. I know there are official knowledge base with RASA resources available but those use Grakn. We’re confused on how to do this with neoj4 or some other graph database.

@farahnaz Hi, please follow this thread: How to integrate an ontology with Rasa bot - #6 by nik202 I have mentioned some tutorials and blogs links which will help you in your project.

Note: I hope you know the neo4j and cypher?

Good Luck!

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Yes, thank you so much. We figured it out. And yes, we know neo4j and cypher and have been querying our graph database for a while.

@farahnaz Do please close this thread as solution for others, if this suggestion is helpful and good luck with the project.