Steps to run & use duckling in window

How to install & run duckling on windows pc guide me with steps.

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You will need to download Haskell Stack first, their instructions are here

The guidelines for installing duckling are here in the readme.

It requires some basic command line skills.

Additionally to what @Krogsager said, make sure to change the encoding in the shell to UTF-8 by typing CHCP 65001.

I also had to change the installation files. You can find the Windows guidelines here.

Overall, there were quite a few workarounds to make it work. Hope it helps

In addendum to what @liho said, I would highly recommend you develop on Linux. I’ve experienced several times where libraries were running poorly or entirely unsupported on windows.

I would suggest running the Docker image instead :sweat_smile:

docker run rasa/duckling

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Its not running with this

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Hi, I am a beginner and am not able to follow up on these steps. I have downloaded Haskell, now how do I run the program using haskell?

When you download Duckling from github, there is no program, only source code. You are going to compile the source code with Haskell.

You will need to run these two commands form your terminal, as it says in the Readme on Github.

$ stack build
$ stack exec duckling-example-exe

If this sounds like gibberish to you, I would suggest that you use the Docker image instead (like akelad suggested). I personally prefer Docker. YouTube have plenty of tutorials.