Problems running Duckling on Windows

Hi everybody, I am pretty happy using Rasa so far. However, I run into problems to use DucklingHttp on my Windows Machine.

These are my configurations on a Windows 10 Machine:

language: “de_core_news_md” pipeline:

  • name: “SpacyNLP”
  • name: “SpacyTokenizer”
  • name: “SpacyFeaturizer”
  • name: “RegexFeaturizer”
  • name: “DucklingHTTPExtractor” dimensions: [“time”, “duration”] url: “http://localhost:8000” locale: “de_DE” timezone: “Europe/Berlin”
  • name: “CRFEntityExtractor”
  • name: “EntitySynonymMapper”
  • name: “SklearnIntentClassifier”

I installed DucklingHTTP locally, and my error message is that there is no Duckling Server running. But on Localhost:8000, I can find quack! as a response which is the same as in Ubuntu.

I tried the exact same things on my Ubuntu machine where it works perfectly. It seems that many Windows users here run into the same problem. I would really like to switch to Ubuntu, but the requirement is to use Windows :frowning: Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance, guys :slight_smile:

Hi @liho How did you install the Duckling Server? Did you use Docker?

I finally managed it, wuhu! I installed it locally without the Docker image

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Hi @liho,

can you please help me with steps to start the duckling on windows

Thank you

Hi @Aashay1,

It is recommended to use docker.

Are you able to use docker on your computer?

Hi @Arjaan,

Tanks for your reply , I am able to use duckling now , but I would be great full if you help me with follow

I Have created a leave application bot for which I i ask for start date and end date of the leave this is done by CRFentity extractor , Now lets say If the user says "I want to apply for sick leave tomorrow " where the tomorrow is captured with duckling , so my question is how can i implement for certain words from duckiling and set the slot , and how can we set slot with different entity extractor.

Thank you

Hi @Aashay1,

I recommend you check out the financial-demo example.

It uses duckling to extract time, and it has a dedicated parsing function.

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Hi, I am trying to run financial demo example. Tried exact same steps as mentioned there. Output of “docker run -p 8000:8000 rasa/duckling” is “Listening on”. But still while using the bot, it gives me the error: “rasa.nlu.extractors.duckling_http_extractor - Failed to connect to duckling http server.” I am using Windows 10.

Hi @hassan18,

If you enter this into your browser, does it show quack!

That is a good test to see if duckling is up & running and can be reached.

@Arjaan, I cant install docker on my machine as it a VM running Windows. Can you please provide the steps to install Duckling without docker or how do I install duckling locally?