Running Duckling on ARM64 machine


So basically, at first, I was trying to run Rasa on an ARM64 machine, and unfortunately, a lot of libraries and rasa itself had a problem w that. Thankfully, some random user had made a docker for rasa on arm64 and I got it to work now!

I cannot find a similar distribution for Duckling and don’t even know where to start to build a multi-platform image for it. If someone could help me out with it in any way possible, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

You’ll find an issue open on duckling here. I looked into this recently and there are haskell tools that have not yet been ported to arm.

Thank you for your response! Is there any way to use docker to run duckling on arm64 machines? Or is there currently no way of using duckling on an arm64 machine?

If you’re still looking for it, you can find a working docker buildfile here: slu-parser/Containerfile_Duckling_arm64 · master · Jaco-Assistant / Jaco-Master · GitLab or a prebuilt image here: Container Registry · Jaco-Assistant / Jaco-Master · GitLab. It’s tested on a RaspberryPi4.