Some suggestions for improvement of Rasa

Recently I have use Rasa to create my own chat bots, it is a really nice framework, thanks for you work. The biggest problem is that rasa is not smart enough to write train data. And the yml files may confuse the beginners. To solve this problem I have tried rasa X, it makes things better, but not good enough. It has some delay when I use it, sometimes it has bugs, I can not deploy latest train data. So I plan to use botfront. I suggest you can borrow the advances of botfront and open source rasa x to make rasa x good enough. So that developers will train models easily, it is good for the rasa ecology.

And I have a idea to complete this target, to develop a IDE named Rasa Studio base on PyCharm Community Edition, which can create rasa project, highlight keywords in yml files and automate many things. So developers will train model in totally GUI interface, and only need some easy steps to complete the yml files.

To make profit, you can develop a robot store which developers and designers can sell models. Of course, rasa clients which can run models directly is also needed.

The idea is just come from Android. Rasa Studio is same to Android Studio, models same to APKs, and Rasa Clients is play the role of Android Virtual Machines.

That’s all, it is just a idea, you can consider it. To take a small step forward, I want to improve botfront first. I really hope Rasa can growing up.

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