Create self-learning bot with Rasa

Hello Rasa Community,

I have only recently started to work with Rasa and therefore I need your support. My goal is to develop a bot with Rasa that can learn by itself. The chatbot should first of all be able to do some smaltalk, I have already found a template on Github that provides a nlu and storie YAML file that can be used to train the bot.

Is it necessary to use certain pipelines in the config.yaml to get the chatbot self learning? Gladly you could also write what is necessary for this.

RASA apparently also allows external NLG servers to be included in its NLU so that the chatbot can learn on the fly, how does this work? Can you recommend me specific NLG services that are free for this? And explain how I have to set this up.

Thanks in advance to everyone who can help me with this.

Many greetings