Rasa X to create bot

Is Rasa X an appropriate tool for creating a chatbot from scratch? What is the recommended approach including pros and cons of doing so versus doing it from scratch using RASA open source?

Hi Rupa,

Good question. A typical workflow would be for a developer to create an initial bot on their laptop via the rasa init command or fork one of our starter repos like the helpdesk-assistant.

If it’s a brand new project, check it into a git repo. For action code development, you would continue to work on your laptop in an IDE. For ongoing bot development you do this in the IDE and our markdown training files and other users could use the Rasa X UI.

Either way, you’ll want to have Rasa X connected to the git repo which is described here.

The strength of Rasa X is for Conversation Driven Development. It’s critical that you get your bot in the hands of test users early. Rasa X has a Share Your Bot feature to help with that but the key is using Rasa X to review user conversations and improve the bot during testing and in production.

In the end, you’re deployment would look something like this:

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