RASA takeover of botfront

Botfront (a project that provides super intuitive interfaces and collaborative features to rasa) has been archived this week and I think it’s too bad because a backoffice UI to build, train and test a chatbot is (IMO) what’s been missing in rasa.

I think that since they had some features like multilingual bots or analytics they had to use their own fork of rasa, and keep it up to date with rasa evolutions. (they are at rasa v2.3.3)

Would RASA be interested in taking over the project to offer a UI to its users ? That would require getting rid of some features to make botfront compatible to rasa vanilla and to remove features that would intersect with your rasa enterprise features and that would be hard to keep and maintain anyway.

The company I work for and I, are already botfront users and we would be interested in contributing to the transition and the maintaining of the integration of botfront in Rasa.


We recommend using Rasa X.

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Rasa X only covers a subset of botfront features. You can’t create stories or edit forms with Rasa X can you ? Are those features on your roadmap ?

Hi @WeberJulian , You can do it on Rasa X, you can build, train, test, share your chabot on Rasa X. As for the stories thing, on the left menu click in stories and there you can edit,delete or add new stories

Oh ok great, I’ll try it out on monday and report back here.

Olá Weber!

Gostaria de trocar ideias com você a respeito do Botfront e rasa X

Eu também estou trabalhando com estas análises.

Entre em contato: antoniojpprado@gmail.com

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Hi, so after some testing the solution proposed by RasaX is not sufficient for what we want. If I understand it right, the “Flow” part is more of a visualization than an editor. You can’t for example change and intent, you have to edit the yml on the left part of the screen. We’ll fork botfront and maintain it ourselves. Thanks for your answer

Hi @WeberJulian, I agree. Rasa X does not have the visual features of bot front. Will your fork be public or private?

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