Share button in models table

Hi folks,

I am trying to use the guest tester functionality for a new project, running Rasa X locally on Win 10 pro with ngrok. However, on the models table, I have one model labelled as “Production” and there is no “Share with Guest Testers” icon. Everything else seems to work fine, and other users can access it remotely through ngrok. Anyone have any ideas for getting the guest testing functionality to work?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion!

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Hi there @bschoenhense! The share button is actually in the Conversations tab, in the top right corner. It looks like this: 21 does that help?


Hi Ella, that helps a lot, thanks! I’m embarrassed to say I never noticed the “share” icon on that page while playing around with the interface. FYI - in the docs it still has it on the Models page:

Ah that’s a great point! Looks like we must have taken that screenshot too early. I’ll make sure to get an updated one in!