Session persistance with django


After integrating django with rasa chatbot, on clearing the session of the django page, the rasa chat does not reload its session (Rasa), session remains same for all users… Kinldy assist us, in solving the issue…

Also we used django for user login to the webhcat session, if there is possible to get username as sender id, so that we can feel easy to find who used the session Kindly guide us… Thanks in advance…

Hi @Greenhat, how are you handling the connection between Rasa and Django? Are you using your bot’s HTTP API or are you using the Agent class directly from your Django application?


Thanks for the reply i think we are using REST API we followed GitHub - Alexmhack/Django-Rasa-Bot: Integrating Rasa Core with Django backend and finally using Webchat for chatbot user interface

That project seems to be a bit outdated, the last meaningful commit is from April last year, before we merged NLU and Core into one framework. Unfortunately that means we can’t help you with that.

You could try running your Rasa bot separately and have your Django app talk to it via the HTTP API.


Basically we are new to this,can you provide any idea in this integration and that will be very much useful Thanks in advance

I am also facing same issue, if you have resolved it kindly guide me for the same. Thanks in advanced