How to connect chatbot with django

which is the method to connect a chatbot with web framework django. @Juste @souvikg10 @akelad @

Hey @Satish,

The easiest would probably be defining a custom channel to connect your web framework and your assistant: Chat & Voice platforms. Could you share some more details on how your frontend is currently implemented?

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Hi Juste, I am beginner in Chatbot building, have implemented the rasa server running locally on port 5005, and can access it via post man. I built a custom Django UI, which also runs on port 8000, can you help me on how to connect this Django front end to rasa server ?


hi, is there any solution to this ??

for guys still searching abt this, i found an answer. It was a response from Jitesh Gaikwad, where he shared an HTML page and required Java script functionality to connect to backend bot. To implement the same In django:

  1. In file — add the server ip in allowed hosts
  2. Add the javascript file under /static/js/ folder, this js file contains logic for Rasa core connection and buttons logic. Here, near ajax call, we need to give rasa core server ip address like http://“server ip”:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook
  3. In the HTML page, load this javascript file as shown : <script src="{%static “js/script.js”%}">

hi,bro. could you share me this HTML page and requeird java script functinality?thanks a lot

hey @bobwanglong, check out this: