Using Django API with Rasa

I want to integrate Django and Rasa. Can anybody tell me the exact steps and commands to follow? I checked out the HTTP API in Rasa Docs but it was not helpful. @btotharye @Juste

What exactly do you want to achieve? If you want to build a connector to your bot, e.g. a UI to chat with your bot, you might want to take a look at Messaging and Voice Channels.

I have my Django API which I want to connect to Rasa so that the my custom rasa chatbot can be accessed by the API. @Tanja

Hey @varunsapre10, one thing you can try is using the Rasa Open Source HTTP API. When a request arrives at your Django server, you can then make a request against your Rasa bot using the API I mentioned (using the requests library, for example). After the bot answers, you can forward the response to your user. Bonus points if you find a way to do this without blocking your Django server. Hope it helps!