How to Implement Session management in Rasa bot using Python?

I need some help.

How to implement Session management in Rasa Using Python Script? I have Scenario like Below.

  1. *Multiple users login into my web application
  2. *Multiple Users/webapp-sessions (Say 100) simultaneously uses the chat-bot implemented with RASA

Please help me out. I was not able to find any clear articles regarding this task.

Thanks in Advance !!

Rasa Core handles this out of the box. You can maintain a sender_id for each new user, send that via the HTTP API and Rasa handle messages from each different sender independently.

    sender_id: 'user_id'
    text: 'user_message'

Do i need to maintain DB for Session Management or default InMemoryTrackerStore is enough? Can you please refer any links for how to develop session management it in Rasa using pythion ?

Thanks in Advance !

I am new in rasa, can you please specify in which file I need to configure it.