"Sending messages to this app has been turned off"

Hi, I am new on this platform, I need help. I’ve been building a chatbot and when I integrate it with Slack, I cant write directly to my bot, however the bot works well in a channel and it will reply whenever being mentioned. How can I write directly to my bot and why I cant send messages directly to the bot ? Thank you in advance :pleading_face:

Hi @raja. Are you sure you provided the right Slack permissions needed for direct messaging?

Yes, I followed the tutorial exactly how it supposed to be and I have these list of scopes;

is there is anything I should add ? Thank you :pray:

Slack has updated their permissions and scope, since I last used it with a Rasa bot, but it looks like there is a bot scope that adds the ability for people to direct message or mention @your_slack_app

@raja : Follow the steps as mentioned in the below SO post. It works - It did work for me by following the instructions mentioned in the link.