Is it possible to make a Rasa bot can join and post to any public channel in Slack?

Hi all,

I have tried to integrate the a bot to Slack by modifying credentials.yml file. But the bot can only reply to a single channel. Is it possible to give access to post to any public channel?

hi @HESHN - if you want to post to a public channel you will have to write some custom code to interact with the slack API. Slack provide an SDK for that in python GitHub - slackapi/python-slackclient: Slack Python SDK

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Hi @amn41! Today can I talk to rasa on a public channel? because I followed the guide rasa slack Slack and I can talk to rasa by direct message but not in a public channel.


hi @flore! You can find more detail in this issue Slack Connector: support app mentions and direct messaging · Issue #4811 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

Thank you!