Slack integration needs

Hey there! :wave:

I’m building a Slack chatbot assistent for my team.

I just set up a simple bot, providing the Slack bot token to the credentials.yml file. It wokrs fine, but I don’t understand how to move further to cover my needs, which are:

  1. The Bot should be called by keyword (e. g. Hey bot!)
  2. The replies shoud be sent to a thread, not to a channel
  3. If a user write a message to the Bot with direct messages, it should also reply to DM.
  4. I don’t want the bot token in credentials.yml to be unencrypted on the production enviroment.
  5. And also, I want the Bot to be able to answer not only to one particular channel. I want it to be accessible in sereral channel with similar, but different functionality.

I have watched the great video tutorial by Justina, where she uses to set up connection beetween Rasa and Slack.

With that tool I could easily reach my goals. But now, I do not know how to implement the same functionality.

I also can see several methods in rasa.core.channels.slack (like send_attachment and send_text_with_buttons), but can’t find information of how to use them.

I would really appreciate if anyone could help with this.

Any help? :pray: