Rasa Bot to Bot Interaction in slack

Hi, Is it possible to make my rasa bot respond to another bot messages in a Slack channel? I have integrated the bot with slack workspace using credentials.yml. Bot interacts with user messages perfectly. But doesn’t send any response to messages by another bot on the same channel. Please help.

What events is your bot subscribed to?

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Hm, and if you e.g. set up an ngrok server where you can see all the requests coming in, do you see the messages from the other bot there?

I think that here we ignore messages from bots by default. You could create a custom slack connector with the same code but removing that, and I believe it should listen to other bots.

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Thanks Ella its working now ! You are amazing !

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Sure thing! Sounds like a cool project you got going there :smiley::rocket:

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Yes.Will share info with you once completed :blush: