Saving event failed due to integrity error

Hi Community,

I was trying to talk to my bot and provide more conversation data. However, I was accidentally caught an error that my input conversations are disappeared in the chat room. At the same time, I cannot find any conversation history from “Conversations” either. How can I resolve this problem? Thanks!

Error message

@arthurchan please share the rasa --version while activating your Conda environment. Thanks.


@arthurchan Ok, Thats fine! can you confirm you were able to talk to your bot ?

@nik202 Yes I can talk to my bot. However, I cannot obtain my conversation from “Conversation” tab. In my understanding, it is possible for me to delete event.db and rasa.db to solve this kind of problem. Is it the solution?

@arthurchan can you clean the cache and cookies from the browser?

@nik202 I tried to clear the cache and cookies from the browser. Unfortunately, the message disappearance and the error messages persist.

@arthurchan what is your web browser you are using?

@nik202 I am using Microsoft Edge

@arthurchan can you please install chrome and make as default and try? and confirm me please.

@nik202 I had made Chrome as the default browser but the issue persists. I am wondering if event.db and rasa.db would regenerate when running “rasa x” if I remove these files from my project? Though doing so would discard all my efforts worked on the interactive interface…

@nik202 I tried the above method by removing those files but it seemed not working…

From F12 I can see my request and response but in the interactive learning tab I can’t… There was the same error messages from rasa server either. I can hardly recall what I had done to trigger this issue so it would be difficult for me to simulate this issue…


@arthurchan now what is your main error? I’m confused, what you actually want?


@arthurchan are you using any database? can you share your stories.yml?

@nik202 I did not use any other database except the one installed along with Rasa X. Is it called sqlalchemy?

@arthurchan ok, can you share the code for form you using next after the greet utterance for getting user name?

@nik202 You mean This? code_1

@arthurchan confirm me are running rasa run actions in second terminal? yes or not