Running the Test Command with Multiple Domain Files

Hi, I was trying to test NLU and core with multiple domain files. With NLU, I encountered the message “UserWarning: Loading domain from ‘domain.yml’ failed. Using empty domain.” Following the documentation to evaluate core, I ran ‘rasa train core --domain domain’ first and encountered the error “ValueError: Failed to find a reader class for the story file data. Supported formats are .md, .yml, .yaml.”

Running “rasa train --domain domain” works with no issues, but only fails with “rasa train core”. I had seen Testing with split domain files = UserWarnings and Rasa test/rasa test core can't find any intent in domain · Issue #8135 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub which stated it should have been resolved. I’m using rasa 2.7.1 and rasa-sdk 2.7.0. Is the functionality available?