Core training was skipped because no valid domain file was found

after running ‘rasa train’ getting attached output.i have domain file in same path but it not picking the file. and i don’t know which data it is accessing . i have downloaded rasa-master from git and using that. but main files like , stories,md,domain.yml has some data which is not getting reflected once i run rasa train.

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It might be that it does find your domain file, but something is wrong with it. Please make sure it is formatted correctly and all your intents, entities and slots are correctly specified.

To let rasa core use a domain file that is not in the standard location, use the --domain option, e.g.:

rasa train core --domain <your-domain-file>

Thanks, yes I have tried was kind of weird behaviour as my domain file is there.i think it was due to test data generated by rasa init --no -prompt.once i deleted the test data and examples data it works normally.