Core training was skipped because no valid domain file was found v

Hello please can anyone help me to know where is my mistake I am new in RASA this my project files (1.7 KB) nlu.yml (3.3 KB) rules.yml (541 Bytes) stories.yml (2.4 KB)

@Ahmad-Alkhuder can you share the full error traceback, with the screennshot? and also the rasa --version for the reference?

(please help me to finish this project I have bee trying since 7 days but it’s not working​:tired_face::disappointed_relieved:) The problem is that if I run rasa train it will train only the NLU model the core is not getting trained because there is an error in my domain.yml and if i run **rasa train core ** it will give the core training was skipped because no valid domain file was found like this :

The rasa version which i am using : After i run rasa train : Annotation 2022-03-10 004435

The error says the domain wasn’t found, and you shared all the files except the domain.

Do you even have a domain.yml file?

oh i am really sorry domain.yml (4.0 KB)

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Can you try with this file?

domain.yml (4.0 KB)

I am studying from this course on Udemy and i want this project to work in my Rasa version but it’s not happening

Thank you so much for helping me

i got this error and if i delete - same previous error comes

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Oh oops! I added a space by mistake

Please replace | - with |- on line 126 and try again

It works the previous error is still there

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Oh man… I can’t find what the error is…

Try to remove each element one by one and check if the error stays :sweat_smile:

Ohh , its okay , Thank you so much . Actually i tried this but i couldn’t find the error

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Oh there’s a typo!

On line 22, you wrote entites instead of entities

Oh the error behind rasa core not being trained is i added one action utter_ask_exercise twice in the Actions list in domain file . and the typo what you mentioned is also there . Thank you so much

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So it’s solved now?

Yes it’s solved but the form is not working it’s displaying the slots directly

This is another issue, please close this thread and open another one :slight_smile: