Roadmap Rasa X

Would it be possible to share the Rasa X roadmap so that we have a better view on what to expect?



Hi @jeroeningelbrecht! This is something we have been discussing because we know it’s important for the community to have an idea of where we are all going. We are still thinking about what this would potentially look like and how we would do this. Is there anything in general that you would like to be included in the structure of a roadmap? Likewise, is there anything specific you are hoping would be a part of a roadmap in particular?

Hi @tyd!

Structurewise: it’d be a timeline with some Functional milestones on it. Maybe have the milestones link to a separate page with more information related to the milestone (incl. wireframes for instance).

Contentwise maybe a question: are you aiming for an administrative part as well where one can consult and administer all of his bots instead of just one? Maybe create new bots from this management console?


@jeroeningelbrecht Awesome. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll follow up once we have decided what we are going to do about a potential public roadmap :slight_smile: