Rasa Roadmap


We are looking for a roadmap of Rasa. Is there such a thing?


Hi @gawi. We do not have a public roadmap at the moment. Is there anything in particular that you want to be on the roadmap?

I don’t need to add anything in particular. We’d like to be able to give the Rasa roadmap to ours customers who want to have visibility over the product evolution. It provides confidence in the product and in the company backing it.

@gawi That makes sense. We know it’s important for the community to have an idea of where we are all going, but we have not decided on what that would look like and how we would do it. How do you imagine this roadmap would be structured?

I’m not a product management expert but here’s what I would expect.

It should be structured in short-term (3 months), mid-term (3-12 months) and long-term (next years) sections. Each section should enumerate high-level goals and how each of them will be attained. For the short-term range, it should be rather specific and technical while for the long-term range, it can be more abstract and vague (that usually comes with a lower commitment). Each section could be split in different categories; core API, NLU API, Rasa X Community Edition and Rasa X Enterprise Edition.

Given the current size of Rasa, I believe the roadmap should fit on 2-3 pages.

The goal would be to know where Rasa is going and reassure customer that Rasa has a vision and a plan. It also helps manage expectations for people expecting a certain feature. If it’s not on the roadmap, they should adjust their strategy consequently.

@gawi That is really helpful. I have recorded your feedback. I’ll let you know when we have made a decision about this :slight_smile:

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