Livestream: Rasa + Botsociety integration launch (December 13)

Hey everyone!

On Monday we announced a new Rasa integration with Botsociety. In addition to that, we would like to invite you all to the livestream where we will dig deeper into what’s this integration is about and how to use it to design and develop Rasa assistants with ease!

Join us tomorrow, December 13, at 5pm CET/ 11am EST. You can learn more about it and sign up for the livestream here:


hey nice presentation @Juste :smiley:, i had a question how can we add multiple stories using botsociety

@JiteshGaikwad Thanks for joining! :slight_smile: I hope it got you excited about this new integration. As of now, you are only able to get the actual story that reflects the designed conversation and a few additional stories which get genereated automatically. The main thing that I wanted to show that it’s actually a great start for the development, because once you get this data, you can run rasa core in the interactive learning mode and generate even more examples just by simply talking to it - no need for manual data labeling or manual stories generation in that case :slight_smile:

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Rasa + Botsociety integration livestream recording

Hey everyone! Thanks for joining the stream and I hope it got you excited about the new Rasa and Botsociety integration. Would love to get your feedback on this new feature so please feel free to share your thoughs on it or ask more questions.

You can see the recording of the video below. As it sometimes happens in the live demos, things not always work as expected :smiley: The reason why we were not able to train the dialogue model is that a dependency engineio should be updated to 3.0.0 from now on. We will make sure this doesn’t come up to any of you, guys, but in case it does, you should be able to fix the issue by updating the engineio (run pip install -U python-engineio).

Give this new integration a go and let us know what you think!

Hey @Juste , i was really excited for it and tried it out and yes it worked out i tried out your example of sara bot and tested it and guess what it worked :slight_smile:


Hopefully it worked fine without any errors, looking forward for more such exciting features of RASA + Botsociety :grinning:

It worked endeed! Really happy to see it, because that’s exactly what I wanted to show :smiley: This dependency issue arose just in the past few days, that’s why I was a bit unexpected and should be fixed.

Anyway, thanks RASA + Botsociety for this great feature, it made the conversation design more easier in RASA chatbot development :grin:

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Hello Juste:

Great presentation. I am new to RASA and today is my first day at the community forum and i found this video. :slight_smile: Well timed as i just finished doing everything via command line today. Very helpful. ! Thanks!

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@Juste Tried the integration steps from the video on a different example and it has made creation of stories and all other files so easier! Before this I even tried integrating the bot to a website using the HTML code snippet which Botsociety provides and it is great.

  • Currently, the hardcoded reply keeps popping up after integrating UI element. Now, after the training the RASA model, how do use the UI element to have an actual conversation? Is there an intermediate step we need to execute? Or is that development still in progress??

Below is the UI (using code snippet from Botsociety) which I had integrated on a Wordpress site.

@JiteshGaikwad Any comments on this?

hey @vishnuragas Rasa+Botsociety is still in development version and for now its useful for Conversational Design, for more information head on to this video :

Hi @vishnuragas. At the moment you can’t use the bostocieyt’s UI to connect it to Rasa bot (as it works now - botsociety let’s you test how the designed conversation is going to look like on the platform or if was embeded on your website), but hopefully a feature like this is going to come up at some point in the future :slight_smile:


@Juste Thanks for the update, Juste. This would be an awesome feature as it would complete the chat bot development pipeline i.e. Development to Deployment - All in one Tool.

@Juste, Can you please tell me why I am not getting the option “Download rasa Files” in botsociety same as in your video

Hi @reena_kandari. Are you not able to see the following window on botosciety? If not, could you share a screenshot of what do you see instead?

hello @Juste, this is showing on my dashboard.

Hmm. Do you have an option to try out the beta features? At some point this integration was only available on Beta (there should be a popup asking if you would like to switch to it). Otherwise, I would suggest you drop a message to botsociety to investigate this case for you as they are running the UI related things of the integration