Respond API is providing an empty JSON


(Sridhar Vemulapalli) #1


The Repond API Call in rasa core is responding back with an empty JSON. Not sure, might doing some thing wrong.

Screen shot Actual call:-

API description from Rasa core documentation:-

Please suggest…

(Akela Drissner) #2

Are you passing it any text? I can’t see that in your screenshot

(Sridhar Vemulapalli) #3

Yes… Iam passing the text as “Hi”

(Akela Drissner) #4

Ok can you post the command you’re using to start the server? And have you definitely trained an NLU/Core model to handle this?

(Sridhar Vemulapalli) #5

Yes… i have … The below command is the one which i have used…

python -m rasa_core.server -d models/SSPAGENT/dialogue -u models/SSPAGENT/model_20180731-154336 --debug

(Sridhar Vemulapalli) #6

Please provide some help/ suggestions… Waiting on this…

(Akela Drissner) #7

is action_factory: remote in your domain file? Try removing it and then it should respond with the utterance template if you have it specified in your domain file

(Sridhar Vemulapalli) #8

Thank you for your time… Yes… I removed and started working … Can you please tell me when/what situation we are going to use action_factory:remote just in few words…

(Akela Drissner) #9

so action_factory: remote should only be there if your actions are being sent externally. If you just want to retrieve templates from your domain file it shouldn’t be there. But this option will go away with the release of 0.11 anyways since action servers will always be run remotely from then on :slight_smile: