Reminder event not working as expected


I’m trying to get Rasa Core to perform an action based on an external event. I tried to send an API request to POST a reminder event to the conversation tracker such as:

curl -X POST http://localhost:5005/conversations/default/tracker/events -d '{  "event": "reminder",  "action": "utter_name",  "date_time": "2018-11-22T17:10:10.128172",  "name": "my_reminder",  "kill_on_user_msg": false }'

The API responds to the request as expected (it returns the tracker state representation containing the event I tried to add via the API request), but the utter_name action does not get performed at the date_time specified (or at all).

Am I just doing everything wrong or is there a bug involved somewhere? (I am using current stable version, i.e. 0.12.2.)

If I’m just doing this whole thing wrong, what is the actual right way to make Rasa Core perform an action being prompted by something other than interaction with the given user given the specified input and output channels?

Thank you for your time.

I believe there was a bug but it should be fixed in the latest version of Core – @Ghostvv can you confirm?

Hi, when did you try it? in the example above the date is 22 November 2018