Schedule reminder is not working for me

Schedule reminder is not working for me ? . Please any one help me.

class ActionoReminder(Action):

def name(self):
	return 'action_reminder'

def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
	return [ReminderScheduled(action_name="action_good_morning", trigger_date_time="2019-07-01T10:02:10.128172",name=None, kill_on_user_message=True, timestamp=None)]

Hi @Chaitanya,

please start both rasa and the action server with the -vv flag, execute the action and post the verbose output such that we have a little bit more information! Surely we could work this out then!

Regards Julian

Hi @JulianGerhard, Is that custom action is enough or any thing else for Schedule reminder

Hi @Chaitanya,

I don’t quite get your question. Your custom acion should be present in every necessary file and then you should be able to execute everything such that I can read your verbose output! Please make sure that both rasa core and action server are emitting output.


Hi @JulianGerhard , I got

Hey @JulianGerhard, It is working fine.

Okay! Cool! :slight_smile: