What's the standard way to include ReminderSchedules?

Using the “–enable_api” flag allows to send events to the server. Now to my understanding reminder events are appended to the event store, but the action is never scheduled. Only reminder events generated by an action get scheduled. Is this supposed be like that and if so what is the point of being able to send reminder events via the api if they don’t get scheduled.

can you post the commands you’re using?

I send to the following endpoint “http://localhost:4000/conversations/default/tracker/events” the data

{ “event”: “reminder”, “action”: “utter_inform_goalhabit_start”, “date_time”: “2018-11-01T10:09:00”, “name”: “test_reminder”, “kill_on_user_msg”: “True” }.

I don’t think providing more commands will solve the problem. The question is even if this reminder event would get scheduled somehow, the dispatcher has no input_channel. That’s why I wrote that only reminder events which are generated by running an action, which has an input_channel, can get scheduled.

So I am still curious what’s the meaning of sending an reminder event via the api or how this should be used.