Reminder schedule event (timer) is not working sometime

I am using ReminderScheduled in my bots, but sometimes i set a reminder and it’s not call the action.

On some machines i delete the rasa docker images and pull again and set a new bot in new directory and it’s working fine.

And sometime it’s working in one action but not in another action and sometime working on another which is not working previously

But in a separate bot on separate machine, i schedule a reminder but action not called

So, please help me immediately as possible why i am facing this issue THANKS,

############## CODE ##############
date = + datetime.timedelta(seconds=3)
reminder = ReminderScheduled(

hi @Rabi - it’s very difficult for me to tell what might be going wrong without a better understanding of when the issue occurs. Is there any consistent way you can reproduce the reminder working, then making 1 change, and the reminder then not working?

@amn41 sorry for late - i use ReminderScheduled event after every message received from user to wait user answer for 60 seconds otherwise bot will call an system api to join an agent - and reminder will automatically kill once same user send any message.

so, i am facing an issue sometime reminder is not call my action ‘action_handoff_timer’ even i schedule it by return [reminder]

and here is my logs of action server - you can see at 17:09:14 i schedule a reminder for 60 seconds but action not called by rasa - even as you can see customer send a new message at 17:11:16 and bot schedule reminder again and this time rasa call that action see at 17:12:16, exactly 60 seconds latter which is perfectly fine

so my problem is - it is not reliable sometime its not working for me

i try Rasa 1.10.20 but facing an other issue - the timer is not killed on user message where [ kill_on_user_msg is True ] but i don’t know why rasa don’t end this timer when user send next message to rasa by calling webhooks/rest/webhook api

rasa will call the action against hand0ff_timer intent but not ending this reminder on user message with same sender_id in tracker

so reminders is not reliable in RASA ???


the problem is solved there is training problem i have fix it ------ so there is no issue in Rasa thanks