RasaX: create intent

Is there a plans to add capability to create new-intent in Interactive mode AND/OR RasaX.

Hi @sten. If I understand you correctly, you would like to be able to create a new intent while using Interactive Learning in the command line and/or in Rasa X? Can you maybe elaborate a bit more why you would want this or provide an example of where this would be useful for you?

when annotating OR creating new entries in a Chat often the new utterances can’t be matched to the available intents.

Without this feature you have to stop annotating (sometimes discard the whole dialog) create the new intents, retrain and then start again …

Having this means you can do the whole procedure in rasa X, right ? Shouldn’t it have to be self-contained.

The biggest hurdle for me is constantly having to remember which file I have to edit … do I first create utter_xxx in domain or stories , oops i forgot to add it in actions !!..btw did I set the correct intent in stories and nlu !.. and I lose focus :slight_smile:

I was toying with the idea of creating simplified DSL, so I can write everything in single file , which then generates the 3-5 files … but i still 'm not not comfortable with the possible syntax permutations.

it is good i found : rasa data validate … otherwise I had to retrain after every edit …

@sten Gotcha. Thanks for taking the time to share this feedback! We don’t have plans to add this in the near term, but I have noted this as a way we might be able to improve interactive learning in the future