How to create a new intent with Rasa X?

Dear Rasa-Team! I can templates, stories, etc. But I haven’t found any option to create an intent in Rasa X. Did I miss something or got something wrong?

Thanks for your help?

Hey @Burkhardt! We are still implementing a more intuitive UX for this, but for now, you can create intents from either of these places:

  1. In the conversations tab, select a message and look at the annotation pane on the right. In the section called “Annotate”, there is a selection dropdown that allows you to annotate the message with intents. If you want to annotate the message with a new intent, just type the name of the new intent out and you’ll see an option to create a new intent by that name.

  2. The same behaviour also works on the intent selection dropdown in the NLU training tab when annotating new data or training data.

I hope this helps!


Thank you! Working fine …