Interactive - cannot save new intent

Hi all, I am trying to use the interactive mode with the comand line: rasa interactive. I want to create a new intent, for instance. I am prompted to enter an entity.using [] and ().

What is the correct syntax to populate this? Can you give an example? Is it something like this?: “my name is [Arthur].”(name) ?

What should I populate if I don’t have any entity to capture in this intent?

thank you!

Hi @arthur.goujon,

You can read more about the training data format here

Your example is almost correct, but make sure there are no characters between the “]” and “(”. The correct format in this example would be my name is [Arthur](name)

For examples with no entities, you can just leave the brackets out completely! Entities are not a requirement for a training example, only an intent.

Hi Tom, thank you. This is working now!
I am creating new intents and saving them. For some reason, the bot is correctly learning to recognise intents moving forward, but is not picking up the entities yet…I shall keep working on it! all the best