Adding Intents in UI & Loading changes from files


Is there a way to add intents in the UI, or alternatively, cause rasa X to reload changes from files (domain, config, stories & nlu) without a full restart of rasa X?

Thank you, Tao

Hey @taotsetung!

Intents can be created in the UI.

When annotating new data (from the NLU Training and Conversations tabs) you can either select an existing intent from a dropdown, or start typing a new intent and hit “create” when you’re done.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the feedback though, clearly it isn’t intuitive enough yet, We’re working on making it easier!

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Thanks, I had the question too. It is completely unintuitive and not obvious and so I would request on the UI for there to be some sort of button or short label which describes that you can do this. It looks like a simple drop-down menu to me, so I assume I have to select one of the ones listed there

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Thanks @grjasewe! Absolutely agree. We’re already on it! :slight_smile:

@taotsetung @grjasewe if you have any other UI/UX feedback for Rasa X, we’d love to get it on our feedback form: Product Feedback - Rasa X

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Hi, I added new intents with Rasa X, and they are added to the But I can’t manage it to show the new intents in the drop-down menu later, neither retraining and reloading rasa X. Any suggestion?

EDIT: The new entities appear in the drop-down menu, but not the intents.

Hey @aroy, i can add new intents from the UI, but they don’t show up in the domain.yml.

Also, if i do it the other way round - add intent in domain.yml - they don’t show up in the UI either.

Any suggestion as to what could be wrong ?


Hi @agrawal-mohit! This is intentional behaviour for now, and will be fixed in an upcoming release when the domain would be reflected on the UI.