Rasa X - UNIQUE constraint failed: domain_intent.id, domain_intent.inten

Hi there,

First off, thank you so much for Rasa X, it will make training and supervising so much easier!

I set up a new sample project today and on the first start everything was fine.

Issue After adding some data and setting up the domain I re-trained the bot in the console, but when I tried to start rasa x afterwards I get the following error: https://gist.github.com/taotsetung/a87cae74cde03baa8b0604865a1435bd

It is entirely possible that there is something wrong with my configuration or file structure, but “rasa shell”, “rasa train” and “rasa interactive” work as usual and the bot produces the expected results.

Steps to reproduce The full sample project can be found here: Dropbox - samplebot.7z - Simplify your life

  1. Extract the project
  2. Ensure rasa-x and all dependencies are installed
  3. Run rasa x
  4. Observe the above error

Any help would be much appreciated.

Update: It turns out the issue is very simple: I had the same intent listed twice in the domain file. The shell utilities do not use a database, so they do not care about duplicates. SQL is more restrictive and thus errors out - as it should.

Suggestion: Would it be possible to check for this error case and print a human-friendly error? Easier to find that way :slight_smile:

Thank you, Tao

@taotsetung looks like you have contact twice in your domain. If you fix that, does it work?

Thank you for looking into it! Yes, I actually arrived at that conclusion right now and it fixes the issue.

Ah I see we’re on the same page. Yes, we’re already working on validating the domain file to check for duplicates, will make sure that that happens before uploading the domain to Rasa X :slight_smile:

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