Domain incosistencies

Hi all! When I look at my domain in rasa x, it says that 180 inconsistencies were detected in the file, and when I dig into them they are all intents that are supoussly missing in the training data. However that is not true, all the intents listed as incocnsistencies are in the NLU training data with various examples, so why it is saying that? It is a problem or just a warning I could ignore?

Thx in advance ana

Hi, which Rasa X version are you using? And is it in local mode or deployed on a server?

Hi! Thx for the reply Rasa X 0.35 deployed on a server using docker compose

do you have a trained model loaded in this instance that contains all the intents you have examples of?

Oh I see, the inconsistencies are with the model, I thought it was with the data, once I trained the model again the message disappeared. Thanks a lot!