RASA X Training

Hi, Is there any resource/s who can help with training our in-house with implementing and developing Chatbot using RASAX

Hello @chandan.ghosh,

can you be more specific with what you are in need of?

We have a rule based chatbot in our organisation and we are looking forward in taking it to the next level and get a complete NLP based Bot. We have already installed RASAx and have started development with it. However, as this is our first time with NLP engine and we don’t have a complete NLP expert in-house, we need some hand holding (Either basic training sessions or regular QnAs) at this starting point.

Hello @chandan.ghosh

The only thing you will find ready are words dictionaries, and some business bots pre-made, but specific to some sort of business (i.e.: order pizza)

I think the best approach in your scenario is to convert the rules to histories and the words of the rules into intents.

After that test using Rasa X and correct it on the fly and retrain, I think this way you can migrate you current platform and doing it get the expertise necessary to evolve it after.

Sorry, but there’s no clear/simple answer to you, but if you need more help, fell free to ask.


Thanks @lluchini Our team just attended the #general:Rasa-Certification-Workshops and it was very helpful. We have better understanding of the NLP Chatbot and have started the development accordingly.


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