Rasa X | Send event by API

Hello, Happy New Year everyone.

I have a scenario with Rasa x, I am using the web operation http://localhost:5005/conversations/55a4d97739fd415ca09470870ea335b9/tracker/events to send messages to the coversación as if it were the bot, when doing this on the web it happens that it seems as if the bot would send another message but in the end it does not send anything, only the ellipses are shown.

Rasa version: 1.10.16

I attach images so you can see it.

Could someone help me to know why it happens?

Hi @RobertJose :slight_smile:

As you say, it looks like Rasa X is still expecting the assistant to send another message. When a Rasa assistant responds, it doesn’t just send the message - it also sends an action_listen event, to indicate that it’s now waiting for user input.

You’ll need to send that event immediately afterwards, in the same way that you’ve done with your first message. After that, the dots should hopefully disappear.

Let us know if it works!

Thanks a lot @eibhleag !

Apply what you told me and the problem was solved.